Dog panting and shaking and clingy

My dog is acting really weird and im worried about her. It turns out the puppies died, but im still worried about her. How long will it be till she starts acting normal again?

dog panting and shaking and clingy

I might be able to help you here. My mom and I are trying to train my two dogs too, because the boy jumps and nips people. So to train them "Sit, stay, come," etc, you should probably with buying some books on it. Explore and see what information people can give you.

If you go on twice a day walks, you'd be surprised how many people walking dogs you can chat with and find information! For toys, keep a secret selection of different-flavored bones somewhere, and when the dogs do something well, give them a bone. For treats you do the same.

I would probably stick with the bones, because the dogs can get overweight with too many treats. So when your dog is calm and just kind of walking around, pat his behind a little and say loud and clearly, "Sit! Your voice should be effective, but sweet. If the dog doesn't automaticlly sit, that's okay. Just try it again until he does. Once your dog sits, you give him whatever the prize is. There's something very wrong with this situation, and it's making me feel just like your dog is acting.

She needs to be in a home where she will be spayed, and puppies don't disappear while kids are in school. It's because of her puppies being gone. The puppies will probably die, they have to be with their mother for a certain amount of time and since she only had them a couple of days ago, they won't live without proper care.

Second thing, her puppies are gone so she is going to be clingy to "her humans. If it has only been days since the pups were born then she is upset. Her babies need food and she wants you to find them. I waited until my Danes puppies were 10 weeks old before they went to forever homes. At that age she was done feeding them and pushing them away. Waiting for them to be older helps pups and mom.

She needs to feed them her milk! Its like if a woman had a baby and 3 days later someone took it away, not allowing her to nourish it with her milk! Please somehow get her puppies back to her. The beep smoke detecters make when the battery is getting low freaks her out. Update: It turns out the puppies died, but im still worried about her. Answer Save.Pet parents are understandably frustrated when their beloved fur baby is panting and restless.

Pet parents might not think anything of it, but these are symptoms of a health problem they should know about. Panting, as most pet parents know, gives them relief from the heat like sweating does for humans as well as stress relief.

What pet parents need to know is some of the reasons dogs pant and are restless. Food and liquids are processed through the liver, where toxic things are removed from said food and water.

The toxicity then passes in waste product. Dogs tend toward weak or diseased livers. Toxic environmental issues like chewing grass sprayed with pesticides, and not enough attention or exercise with her family can and does manifest as liver disease. If she pants excessively and paces the floor or gets up and down too much in the early morning, get her to a vet pronto.

Her breath could be shallow if she feels pain. Your dog could suffer anxiety for lots of reasons: she can have an aversion to riding in cars, loud noises like backfiring or revving deep, throaty engines, crowds, or unwellness. Some breeds are simply nervous, no matter what the provocation. Some rescue dogs have anxiety from suffering abuse from former owners. Anxiety presents in one of three ways. It manifests in a dog hiding under something, biting whatever or whomever she fears, or panting heavily and pacing restlessly.

Get her to a vet, because the base issue could be serious. Nor would they suffer when someone slipped them chocolate, raisins, or anything with garlic on it. The signs of poisoning show up within the first couple hours of ingestion. Panting and restlessness will be one of the first signs the dog shows that something is wrong. If you suspect poison, like seeing candy wrappers or a neighbor working in the yard with a sprayer, then get the dog to a vet immediately. The more a dog runs, exercises, and plays in summer, the closer she is to getting heat stroke.

Heat exhaustion works within 15 minutes. She will pant heavily and quickly the more heat, the heavier the panting, dehydration will cause kidney damage, and the brain will swell, causing seizures. You only have a very small window of time to get her to a doctor before fun in the sun costs her her life.I have a pure breed blue Staffordshire bull terrier who has been waking up in the middle of the night panting, shaking, and he won't lay down he is also gassy.

And he is also very clingy and won't leave my side while he is like this, I try comfort him but he doesn't seem to calm down. I believe he is scared or frightened, but not sure why or what at. It only happens once in a blue moon, I don't believe it to be nightmares cause he has done it once before while he has been awake. It seems to come on when he is in the back end of the house.

Don't want to sound weird but could he be seeing ghosts? Is he even scared?

dog panting and shaking and clingy

Can someone help me with what is wrong with him! Thank you!!! If you notice he's gassy, which having just done some research about this breed and GDV Bloat I see they are prone to, then I suggest what's going on is because he's feeling very uncomfortable. And he's clingy because he's asking you to make him feel better. Panting and shivering are signs of stress. Again pain. I doubt this has anything to do with being scared.

You might, in view of the gas, consider looking for another food for him - something with no wheat or soya. Choose something that lists meat, or fish, as the first ingredient, as this is what the main ingredient will be. It may help his digestion to switch - but do it gradually, mixing in the new with the old. A gassy dog is more at risk of going into a full Bloat situation. I don't know if this is any help but my Labrador started to be clingy and pants very hard, I tried putting a fan on him and that comforted him for a while but when I asked the vet she took a blood test and found him to be diabetic.

I though it was a death sentence but it is so not he has been on Insulin for five months and is doing well, although he is still clingy. I think it is because they feel they need you help and want you around to give i.

dog panting and shaking and clingy

Oh dear. Staffs are prone to what we call 'tigers under the bed! It is either a noise or something out of the ordinary that has scared him.

He needs you and lots of your reassurance when this happens. Have you gone with him to the back of the house when he has these frights. See if he goes willingly with you, if not then there is something there that humans cannot pick up on and he may be seeing a ghost.

Me, I would have him in the bed with me like a shot as Staffs are just like kids who wake up in the night scared. As for the gassy business, he could be needing to go to the toilet as just like when a human gets frightened he may need a bowel movement. The biggest mistake is to comfort him when he is scared though as this could cause him to realise it gets your attention as is basically telling him to be scared.

If it only happened once in a while is it that he may have eaten something that day? Or had too much dinner. Maybe look to his diet and see if you can spot anything. For him being clingy during this stage it is hard to tell as he could be trying to tell you something's wrong. The best thing to do is to reintroduce the rule of no constant access to you. Start slowly but put him in his be with a kong and some treats inside. Slowly walk away but then return making no fuss or eye contact.Pet's info: Dog Mixed Breed Male unneutered.

My dog is shaking and panting and clingy?

These are general signs of pain. I'm very worried about your dog. Without any vaccinations my first suspicion It could be Snoopi is sick or he could be in pain. I'd have him seen by a vet today for this behavior. Poor Tiny! Based on the signs you are describing panting, coughing, and acting "off" recentlyI would definitely be concerned that his heart disease may be getting worse, which may require Thanks for using PetCoach! Loss of appetite can be observed with many conditions such as gastroenteritis, dietary indiscretion, kidney disease, pancreatitis, among many other possibilities.

I would definitely consider getting him a sweater. Poor guy. If you can keep the temperate around 70 degrees. Best of luck Hi there and thank you for using PetCoach to address your concern. Based on the symptoms you are describing, it is difficult to say for sure what the cause could be. It sounds as though Sugar is not Breathing trouble are always emergencies, This can be cause by a blood clot. Please take Buddy Have him examined by your veterinarian to diagnose injury or illness.

A complete physical examination and bloodwork CBC, chemistry panel, urinalysis may provide more information and could point to You should take him to your vets as it sounds that he is in a lot of pain. Frequent urination could be due to cystitis or again, due to pain from castration.

Those symptoms can mean a variety of illnesses. The first sign of Yes pain could cause Koby to not eat or drink, but his symptoms are pretty serious. You need to take him into a vet immediately. Any abrupt change in behavior without a known cause should be investigated by your vet as soon as possible. Sometimes this is the only sign we get of a medical condition.

The behavior could be due to This is an emergency you need to take him to the vet as soon as possible. It could be a tumor insulinoma or dehydration due to gastroenteritis for example, but it's impossible to tell for sure Any difficulty breathing should be considered a veterinary emergency.

In an older dog, it may indicate cardiac or lung disease. See your veterinarian for a complete exam, chest xrays and bloodwork toI have a five year old cocker spaniel-spitz mix, and today he has been shaking and panting, and he's been spastic about staying close to me and trying to get on my lap.

He won't leave my side and he's been jumping all over me and scratching me. Any ideas what might be wrong with him? I really think your dog is trying to get your attention because something is wrong. If he has food and water and doesn't need to go out, I think you should see a vet.

My Cocker came and found me when he was sick, he had got into slug bait at my Mother's house. I was able to get him to the emergency vet in tiime to save him, but if he had not come to get my attention, I would not have known. Bottom line, I think he is looking for help and knows that you take care of him. He certainly sees you as his helper though so get him help. I remember a girlfriends daughter did not want to go to school in the morning and was being very clingy in the morning. It was because she was being bullied at school.

I simply supported her to the school right to her class and told her not to be afraid and that she had to face the bully but to be nice and if the bully came at her that she should go to her teacher and she would help her.

Don't know why I added this in, I guess for the memory. I loved that little girl more than her mother. She was so cute and a lot of fun. You should just have her spayed, too, please to keep her safe. There's something very wrong with this situation, and it's making me feel just like your dog is acting.

If your dad disposed of the puppies, please find your dog another home quickly. You love her, and she deserves to be safe. She needs to be in a home where she will be spayed, and puppies don't disappear while kids are in school.

You need to see your vet.If your dog is panting and shaking and clingy, they are severely stressed and anxious.

I completely understand how you feel as I had also been through the same experience with our dog when he was younger. With the first rescue dog I had, she was terrified of everything. Basically of everything in the world. She would fear-bark at even the littlest noise like a car door closing from outside the house and then come panting and shaking and clinging to me. My second dog has also developed a fear of the heater whenever it turns on. She developed the fear while also being alone in the home, so this has also led to separation anxiety and stress since she has now associated being alone with the heater.

My recommendations for if your dog is panting and shaking and clingy are below. The ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket is one of the best products that I have ever used in order to calm my dog down when they are stressed or anxious.

My dog loves it and will wag when we pull it out. I try to only use it when nothing else works. My panting and shaking and clingy dog is all of the sudden calm as a rock. The concept is similar to an anxiety blanket for adults, but better. The ThunderShirt Polo Dog Anxiety Jacket applies gentle and constant pressure around your dogs body to calm them of stress, anxiety, fear and excitement.

Counter conditioning is also known as having your dog face their fears directly. This means that you should record all the noises, stress factors, trigger events, and experiences that your dog is afraid of and makes them shake or pant. For instance, if your dog is afraid of construction sounds, the heater, or anything else you should record the noise on a phone.

Then, play the noises through a bluetooth speakers that you place in different corners of the house. Every time you play the high stress and anxiety dog noises, you should constantly feed them high-value treats like chicken until you turn off the noise.

If your dog is not food motivated, you can reserve their most favorite toy for the dog counter condition training only or have new objects that motivate your dog. The idea is to do this several times a day.

This helps your dog to start associating these scary noises with amazing things like chicken. It essentially rewires their brain, and they will not longer be panting and shaking and clingy.

This tactic is highly effective in making a dog feel safer and that these noises are not that big of a deal.Feb 5, BehaviorDiseases.

Causes of Dog Panting and Shaking

Are you up at 3 a. Read through the following sections and see if you can hone in on why your dog is so restless. Pain can come from different sources including:. Muscle and joint pain from degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis is very common in dogs over the age of seven. Symptoms of musculoskeletal pain include stiffness, limping, and decreased activity. Esophageal, stomach, intestinal, and colonic irritation can cause mild to severe pain.

There may or may not be other symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, or decreased appetite. Chronic GI pain is common in dogs. Dogs who are nauseated from stomach irritation, pancreatitis, or medication may become distressed. Pacing and panting is their way of trying to deal with the unpleasantness of nausea. Nauseated dogs often have other symptoms like vomiting, eating grass, licking themselves or objects, drooling, increased drinking or decreased appetite. Intervertebral disc disease slipped disc is common in small and large breed dogs.

It can cause mild, chronic pain or severe, acute pain. Bladder infections and stones are common in older pets and certain breeds of dogs. Common symptoms of urinary tract disease are increased frequency of urination, straining to urinate, foul urine odor, and blood in the urine.

dog panting and shaking and clingy

However, in some cases, restlessness and panting may be the only symptoms of urinary tract pain. Medication side effects can cause dogs pain, nausea, discomfort and anxiety. If your pacing and panting dog is taking any medication, ask your vet whether it could be causing the unwanted symptoms. Corticosteroids also cause an increase in thirst, hunger and urination that can lead to restlessness.

My dog is panting and very clingy! Is he scared?

Opioids Opioids like morphine, buprenorphine and hydromorphone are used to treat severe pain in dogs. Panting is a well-known side effect of opioid use in dogs.

Phenylpropanolamine brand name: Proin Vets prescribe Proin to control urine incontinence in dogs. Most dogs do fine with it but it may have a stimulatory effect that leads to restlessness.

Sedatives Even sedatives can make dogs restless. Instead of becoming relaxed and sleepy, they feel anxious and alert. Acepromazine is another dog sedative that can cause agitated behavior.

Antihistamines Most dogs get sleepy or feel no effect from taking antihistamines like diphenhydramine Benadryl. Some dogs paradoxically become hyperactive and restless when they take antihistamines. Cushingoid dogs have excessive panting due to weight gain or feeling hot nobody knows for sure.

Frequent urination, constant hunger and an unquenchable thirst add to their restlessness. Muscles in the larynx become paralyzed when there is damage or degeneration of the nerves supplying the area. Symptoms of laryngeal paralysis include increased panting, noisy breathing, difficulty sleeping, changes in voice and exercise intolerance. Affected dogs tend to pant and pace when they have trouble breathing. Noticeable vision loss is not as common as noticeable hearing loss.

The reason is that as long as dogs have some vision they can compensate pretty well, so you might not notice mild visual impairment. Very elderly dogs are more likely to have trouble seeing, especially in dim lighting.

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